A world of Premium Flavours

We are moved by passion. Passion for quality and innovation. We are a Portuguese company, focused on representing and distributing high-quality prestige brands. Our 20 years of experience and constant curiosity for the word around us are the main ingredients in everything we do. In the brands that we represent, with flavours from all over the world, and in the projects we help to create – we always think beyond the traditional categories of spirits, to create unique, distinctive products.

That is our mission: We Are Brand Builders



Daniel Correia

Passionate, intuitive and persistent. Fearless and commited to movin forward with his plans, with the same drive that makes him go surf heavy waves, or running in rainy days. His physical and emotional endurance are features that are always present, both professionally and personally.

Bruno Amaral

It’s when sailing the Tagus river that he feels right at home, and where new ideas come to live. Always ready for new challenges — such as sailing to the Algarve — and for using his creativity for business. He turns numbers into plans, and plans into reality.


Successful Flavours


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