The company’s first round of capitalization through the Crowdfunding Seedrs platform was successfully completed, allowing Icon Key to raise 500,000€ euros, in exchange for a 3.55% stake in the company to 192 investors. This phase alone, allowed Icon Key to obtain a market value of over 12,2 million euros.

This was the first time that a company in this sector has used Seedrs, the largest European platform of its kind, with the aim of raising funds from investors around the world.

Funding raised through the campaign will be directed towards strengthening Icon-Key’s internationalization strategy and to the launch of new brands. The company grows at a three-digit annual pace and is already present in 24 countries. It wants to reach 51 by 2023 and accelerate growth by launching eight innovative brands by 2020, increasing the weight of exports from 29 percent to 50 percent of total sales.


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