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Rum has a long history. According to the histori- cal records, this drink was originally produced on the islands of the Caribbean in the 16th century, although there is information suggesting that in ancient times there were drinks made from fer- mented sugarcane in China and India. The drink spread rapidly through the Americas and Europe as it was favoured by sailors and was even used as currency in business transactions. By the end of the 20th century, its popularity increased even further thanks to its versatile flavour, which makes rum a perfect ingredient for some of the most fa- mous cocktails in the world, such as Cuba Libre or Mojito.


One of the first alcoholic drinks created by humans, this is the most popular drink in the world, surpassed only by water and coffee. Demand for premium flavours and craft alternatives has been growing exceptionally.

Aguardente (Brandy)

One of the most popular and traditional digestives of our country, produced in two versions: the “bagaceira”, produced from the wine pomace, and the “vínica”, obtained from the wine. The latter is frequently aged in oak barrels, in a process similar to that used for French cognac, which gives it a yellow tone and the name of “aguardente velha” or “old spirit”.


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